M-Files March 23 Update: Fixes & Improvements and more Frederik Madsen April 4, 2023

M-Files March 23 Update: Fixes & Improvements and more

M-Files has recently released several improvements and bug fixes in their latest update. This blog post will summarize each issue and provide an overview of the solutions and improvements.


  • When upgrading/creating SQL Server vault, an error message appears: “Must declare the scalar variable ‘@iRights'”, if SQL Server has been installed as case-sensitive on the server level.
  • An empty date value can cause the metadata card to not open in M-Files Web.
  • Particular views and workflows with ACL filters in MSSQL vaults may result in an inability to edit vault objects. 
  • An incomplete upgrade of an offline vault can cause the database connection to be lost.


  • In a view with a grouping level, the filter is now applied to the list of folders in the folder selection.
  • Automatic logout settings are modifiable via the M-Files Admin configuration.
  • Clicking the M-Files logo in Top Panel now opens the default landing page in M-Files Desktop. The “All” page opens if the default landing page is not defined or available (e.g., in Offline mode).
  • Advanced Outlook Integration is now available in M-Files.
  • In a multi-server mode environment, when admins attach a vault that has already been attached to at least one server, the ignore vault options check box is now selected by default.
  • New links feature now support views in M-Files Web and M-Files Desktop. (As an alternative, don’t forget to check out our Fancy Links application 😉 )
  • M-Files Web Companion enables locally installed Windows/Mac applications to edit files with M-Files Web.
  • When a user drags and drops emails to an M-Files folder in Microsoft Outlook, and the folder already contains imported emails, the user can confirm or ignore it as a mass operation.
  • The new M-Files Web uses the browser’s preferred language to format numeric property values.
  • When M-Files Desktop opens, occasional flickering is now prevented. Also, the performance of loading the user interface is improved.
  • Effortless sharing of M-Files documents to collaboration use cases with a new built-in Share object type and additive automatic permissions.
  • The new M-Files Web now supports links that do not include the object GUID.
  • As part of replication in a multitenant cloud environment, it is now possible for Vault Admins to import either unchanged or signed scripts.
  • Two new mobile-specific settings have been added to the Advanced Vault Settings section in M-Files Admin (Configuration > Client > Mobile > Listing).

    • The first setting specifies the maximum number of objects shown in groups of search results.
    • The second setting specifies the maximum number of items shown in views (HTTPS) or objects shown in groups under views (gRPC).
    • With gRPC connections, there is also a Show More command in views and search results if the listing contains more items than specified in the settings.


  • The clickable area of the tabs in M-Files Desktop has been increased, making it easier to select the tabs (for example, Recent, Pinned or one of our fantastic M-Files Portals! (Find out more about our Portals application here)).

In summary, M-Files has fixed several defects and implemented various improvements, providing users a better and more efficient experience. The improvements include support for Advanced Outlook Integration, effortless sharing of M-Files documents, and a better user interface experience on both desktop and mobile.

Please note that this is a summary of the release notes, and it is not an official statement from M-Files; if you want to know more about the features and improvements mentioned in this post, you can check the official release notes on the M-Files website.