M-Files Jan 23 Update: Enhancements, EOL, Bug Fixes and more Frederik Madsen January 16, 2023

M-Files Jan 23 Update: Enhancements, EOL, Bug Fixes and more

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M-Files, a leading provider of solutions for managing and organizing documents and other information, has released its latest update for M-Files Online. The Jan ’23 Update brings many new features and improvements, including enhancements to the Smart Search feature, the end of life for M-Files 2018, and more. In this post, we will look at the update’s key highlights and how they will benefit users.

Smart Search language analysis enhancement

The M-Files Online Jan ’23 Update includes an improvement to the Smart Search feature, which now supports ignoring plurals and removing stop words in languages other than English. This enhancement will make it easier for users to find the documents they are looking for, regardless of the language they are written in.

End of Life for M-Files 2018

Consistent with the M-Files Lifecycle Policy, the M-Files 2018 version has reached its End of Life. Starting from the January ’23 Update, only M-Files Online updates will be available, and M-Files 2018 installations will be updated to M-Files Online. This will be done through the automatic updates from the default automatic update server or by downloading the M-Files Online installer package from the M-Files website.

Database optimization enhancement with Smart Search

The M-Files Online Jan ’23 Update includes an optimization for the Smart Search custom relevance ranking criterion, which has been changed so that it does not use a static score. This will make the database optimization operation run faster and more efficiently.

Disable three dot menu operations in Pinned tab when offline

On the Pinned tab, some options in the three-dot menu of items cannot be used in offline mode. These options will now be greyed out or hidden when M-Files Desktop is in offline mode. This change will help prevent confusion and ensure that users only perform actions that are available in offline mode.

Listing arrows update

The arrow icons in the M-Files Desktop listing area have been updated in the Jan ’23 update. These include the arrows to expand and collapse groups and objects and the arrows next to the property group headers on the metadata card. These updates will improve the overall user experience and make it easier for users to navigate the listing area.

OAuth-based external mail sources can create duplicate objects if processing is canceled

A problem has been fixed in the Jan ’23 update, where message handling in OAuth-based external mail sources was improved to avoid object duplicates when processing is cancelled. This will help prevent confusion and ensure that users only have one copy of each object.

Defects fixed:

  • The check-in dialogue in logout out does not save changes in classic web
  • Date format mismatch with federated search in classic web
  • Error during vault optimization
  • Expired token for authentication with M-Files Add-in for Teams
  • The Filename placeholder works incorrectly when adding many files to M-Files
  • Forgot Your Password link is not visible in classic web

These defects have been fixed in the Jan ’23 update, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Please note that this is a summary of the release notes, and it is not an official statement from M-Files; if you want to know more about the features and improvements mentioned in this post, you can check the official release notes on the M-Files website.

M-Files continues to improve its product and listen to its customers’ feedback, that’s why the company is always releasing updates, this update brings several significant improvements for users, and it’s essential to be aware of the changes. If you have any questions or need assistance with the update, feel free to contact us!