How to Use CtrlPortals to Make M-Files More User-Friendly Krystian Biały November 22, 2023

How to Use CtrlPortals to Make M-Files More User-Friendly

Comparison of the old M-Files interface and the CtrlPortals

Use the full potential of M-Files

M-Files is a powerful document management system that lets you store, organize, and access any type of information. But what if you could make it even better?
CtrlPortals gives you the ultimate control and flexibility over your M-Files Vault. Its user-friendly interface lets you access all the information that you need about any Object such as a Customer, Project, Opportunity, or Product. Organize your workspace so that you can easily switch between different Tabs, each with its own layout and content.

Get more insights

With CtrlPortals you can display more information and manage all your data from one place.

  • Utilize Metrics and visualize the data you need.
    Metrics is a powerful feature that lets you create and view dashboards, charts, and reports within M-Files. You can track key performance indicators, monitor progress, and identify trends. You can always customize your metrics to show the data that matters most to you.
  • Manage your events within Calendars.
    Calendar is a handy feature that helps you organize and schedule your events within M-Files.
  • Improve collaboration with out Threaded Comments feature. 
    CtrlPortals empowers your employees to communicate within the context of their work. You can add comments to any object, reply to existing comments, and mention other users.

Display HTML instructions and actionable buttons

CtrlPortals’ HTML component empowers you to create custom knowledge bases and modules, enriched with videos and tailored content.

You can also implement custom HTML elements to enrich your interface with interactive content. Here is an example from our eQMS solution.

Improve Opportunity Managment

CtrlPortals offers a transformative enhancement to M-Files, turning it into your ultimate CRM system. CtrlPortals will help you to create personalized customer engagement and drive revenue growth.

Manage your Projects

Use CtrlPortals to monitor and evaluate your project progress and results. You can see how your project is performing against your objectives, budget, and timeline.

You can also generate and share project reports and dashboards with your team and stakeholders using CtrlShare.

Ready to try CtrlPortals?

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your M-Files experience. Whether you want to improve your opportunity management, project management, or any other aspect of your business, we will find the solution for you.
Contact us today and get a free demo of CtrlPortals. You won’t regret it!