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Secure Co-Authoring for M-Files

Check Out of a document to one person, who has permission to do so, and preventing others to edit at the same time is a key feature of M-Files. Thereby users are certain, that the document they see is the latest and correct version. 

However, there are situations and use cases, where it is practical to share the editing of a document with others either internally in the organization or even with external people. CtrlShare allows you to check out a document from M-Files to OneDrive for Business and share it with people, all in a controlled fashion.  

How CtrlShare Works

In the sections below you will hopefully get to know CtrlShare much better, and see why we are so excited about it.

Often times, however, a video is much better at conveying the utility and ease-of-use of software. Please check out this video demonstration by our very own Fred 🤠

Easy Check Out With a Single Click

Selecting a document inside M-Files reveals a new check out button in the UI. Checking out the document will proceed to upload the file, then share with the current user and finally it is ready for editing. A single click to check out, it is that easy.

Any user with edit access to a document in M-Files can then share the file with more writers or readers. If the current user does not already have access, clicking the open button will automatically provide them access!

Screenshot of the CtrlShare Checkout In action

A Smart Alternative to Regular M-Files Check Out

When accessing M-Files from an external computer or using a non-Chrome Browser without Chrome Extension using an Apple Mac or Linux, CtrlShare can be used to Check Out Documents for editing in Office and check it back in. By having the files checked out in OneDrive using CtrlShare, the risk of people losing important changes is lessened greatly.

Screenshot of the CtrlShare Sharing In action

Internal Users

Internal users with M-Files access can access the checked out documents either from a link in M-Files, an invitation from a co-worker or by pressing the open button in M-Files.

External Users

External Users receive an E-Mail with invitation to either write or read the document. The invitation is verified with a code that will be provided before access via email.

Complete Overview of Shared Files

All shared files have relationships to the people they are shared with via a person object. Via this relationship it is surprisingly easy to create a complete overview of files that have been shared in the past and present via a simple search or view. 

Furthermore, as all files are hosted on a single account, administrators outside M-Files have extensive access to see currently shared documents and restore accidentally deleted files.


Internal Sharing


per user per month*

✔ Internal collaboration
✔ Single-click check out
✔ Software Updates
✔ Access to knowledge base**

External Sharing
Standard Plus


per user per month*

✔ Internal collaboration
✔ Single-click check out
✔ Software Updates
✔ Access to knowledge base**

External collaboration

Powerful Sharing
Pro Plus


per user per month*

✔ Internal collaboration
✔ Single-click check out
✔ Software Updates
✔ Access to knowledge base**

External collaboration
Share an entire document folder structure

* All plans are sold with a 50 user minimum. For a large amount of users, please reach out to us for a quote.
** All plans come with access to our knowledge base as well as an email for contact. A separate support subscription is available for an additional fee. Please reach out to us for a quote.


  • M-Files Server Online or 2018 (Version 20.12 and upwards)
  • Azure AD
  • Minimum Microsoft 365 E3 licenses* for all internal users
  • A service account with Microsoft 365 E3 license*
  • A person class for internal people inside the vault. (We recommend the free user synchronization module from the M-Files Compliance Kit**)
  • A person class for external people with at least a full name and email address

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