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Time Recording for M-Files

CtrlTime is a revolutionary product that simplifies time tracking and streamlines your time management within M-Files. Whether you work on internal or customer projects, CtrlTime helps you optimize your workflow.

Its seamless integration allows you to record, manage, and report time spent on different projects with ease and accuracy.
Simplify your team’s time recording, approval processes, and financial specifications with our intuitive solution.

Embrace efficiency and accuracy in project management with CtrlTime—your ultimate companion for optimized productivity.

CtrlTime is a must-have for any M-Files user who wants to take control of their time tracking!

With CtrlTime, you can:

  • Record time on internal and customer project records using a calendar in the right pane of the M-Files Desktop user interface.
  • Create weekly timesheets that can be approved by your manager or administrator.
  • Follow up on the time spent on each project and compare it with the budget plan.
  • Generate specifications for salary payments and client invoices based on your time recordings.
  • Customize your time tracking settings and reports according to your preferences and needs.
CtrlTime Time Tracking -Weekly Registrations

Record Time

You can record your time using a calendar in the right pane of the M-Files Desktop user interface. You can choose to view the calendar by week, month, or day. You can also record your time on any M-Files object type, such as documents, customers, or projects.

CtrlTime View on the time registration
CtrlTime Time Registration

Manage Time

You can manage your time by creating weekly timesheets that can be sent for approval to your manager or administrator. You can also edit or delete your time recordings if needed. CtrlTime will mark your time recordings with different colors depending on their status: green for approved, orange for pending, and red for rejected.

Report Time

You can report your time by generating specifications for salary payments and client invoices. Customize your reports by selecting the fields, filters, and formats that you want.

Leverage the M-Files reporting and analytics features to gain insights into your time and performance metrics.

CtrlTime will allow you to make informed decisions and adjustments based on the data, hence improving your planning and execution.

CtrlTime - Report Time for different business processes
CtrlTime is a great tool that integrates seamlessly with M-Files and provides a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for time management. It has made our time tracking process much easier and faster. We can now see how much time we spend on each project and invoice our clients accurately.


If you are looking for a simple and efficient way to track your time in M-Files, you should give CtrlTime a try. CtrlTime is a powerful and user-friendly tool that integrates seamlessly with M-Files and allows you to record, manage, and report your time spent on different projects. With CtrlTime, you can streamline your workflow, automate your invoicing and salary processes, and improve your productivity and profitability. Don’t wait any longer and get CtrlTime today!


  • M-Files Licenses
  • M-Files Server Online or 2018 (Version 20.12 and upwards)
  • CtrlPortals subscription
  • Configuration of a Person Object (We recommend the free user synchronization module from the M-Files Compliance Kit*)

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