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Manage Microsoft Teams from M-Files

With its superb functionality for Metadata, Permissions and Workflows, M-Files is an ideal platform for managing documents for Projects, Jobs, Customers or many like Use Cases. Sometimes there is a need in most organizations for extending the document management to Microsoft Teams using this platform just the Teams way. 

Managing Microsoft Teams is a challenge of its own and many practical decisions should be made. Who should be able to create a Team? Who should be able to create a Channel? How do we get control of the documents created in Microsoft Teams folders and how do we make sure the documents are standardized? Who can we invite as Members. 

These are complex matters. We solve them with CtrlTMS. 

CtrlTMS is your all-in-one solution for seamless collaboration and document management. It revolutionizes the way you manage Microsoft Teams directly from M-Files, seamlessly integrating the power of both platforms to enhance productivity and streamline your workflow.

Here’s how it transforms your Teams experience

With CtrlTMS you can do the following in Microsoft Teams directly from M-Files using the metadata set up in M-Files: 

  • Create Team and Channel
  • Add members of the Team
  • Create Folder Structure and add relevant Templates
  • Start Synchronization of documents added in Microsoft Teams to M-Files
  • Automatically add relevant metadata in M-Files
  • Stop or pause synchronization
  • Setup archiving conditions to preserve records

Manage Team and Channel creation as M-Files objects

Automating the creation of a Team or Channel, adding members to the Team, creating a standard folder structure and uploading templates to be used in Teams requires information This is where the unique metadata structure shows its strengths.

In CtrlTMS we manage the requested standard folder structure as metadata in M-Files:

Applying this Generic Folder Structure to a Project will create a similar folder structure in the associated Team or Channel when the connection is activated.

The Project Team is added as metadata to the Project in M-Files and when activated they will be added as members in Teams.

Document Templates to use in Teams are managed as Project Templates in M-Files:


Automated Setup

Pre-defined folders and documents populate your Teams automatically.

Efficient Management

Create Teams and Channels directly in M-Files. Say goodbye to manual setup – CtrlTMS ensures consistency and simplifies collaboration.

Improved Access Control

Fine-tune access permissions effortlessly. Control who can view and edit Teams and Channels, ensuring data security.

Ensure consistency across projects and populate them with pre-defined folders and documents

With the option to automatically create Folders in Microsoft Teams and add predefined Templates, approved in M-Files you can add a standardization of working with documents in Teams.

New documents can be made using the added templates or they can be created the standard Teams way to either the folders or in the chat. In any case, CtrlTMS will discover the new documents or changes, and synchronize them back to M-Files.

Work in Microsoft Teams the Teams way and synchronize the documents back to M-Files

CtrlTMS allows you to streamline the way Teams or Channels are made in Microsoft Teams and allows the users to work with documents the standard way it is done in Teams: Adding the documents in folders or in the chat.

Using the advanced CtrlTMS configuration options, documents are automatically synchronized back to M-Files, enriched with the relevant metadata.


With CtrlTMS, you can streamline your workflow, ensure consistency across projects, and keep sensitive information secure with ease. The ability to create, manage, and synchronize Teams and Channels as M-Files objects opens up a world of possibilities for enhanced productivity and organization.

Upgrade your Teams experience today with CtrlTMS. Efficiency, security, and simplicity. 🚀


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