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Visual QMS is available for immediate implementation as a Pre-Configured Cloud Solution for Quality Assurance, with support for Business Process Management, Document Control and much more. Visual QMS can also be extended with modules to provide elegant solutions to most Quality and Compliance related challenges – while allowing you to scale the system to your needs.

Based on our experiences implementing Quality Management Systems and other management solutions at some of the leading Nordic companies and franchises, we have developed a new solution together with our customers to support their quality processes and compliance requirements in a more modern and affordable way. This system is scalable to the size and needs of the organization: including flexible Cloud/On-Premise implementation, modern data and software integration possibilities, security, ease-of-use and high scalability of functionality and user-pools.

A Powerful, Pre-Configured Quality Management System

Visual QMS manages Total Quality and allows you to see the Quality Management System from different perspectives:

Controlled Document Management

Documents and other guiding contents are crucial to a Quality Management System, often the main guidance to assure your people comply with the Quality standards. There needs to be a way to easily retrieve them (preferably in the right contexts) and to collaborate around changes in a controlled manner.

Plan, Create and Manage all your Quality content with pre-configured (or custom) workflows, smart distribution and fast search functions. Build relationships between different content, processes and user roles to greatly add value to your QMS. Store and deliver approved content where your Users need it, in the right context for their specific roles. With Web and Mobile access!

Screenshot of the Easy Process Drawing Tools

Communicate your Business Processes Visually

Process documentation is a key activity of Quality Management and can be useful to help your people always do the right thing – at the right time. Ideally, these processes can be hubs of information that are accessed on a daily basis, kept up-to-date behind the scenes and hold links to relevant guiding content such as detailed instructions, policies, video guides, etc. In order to ensure process coverage for all the standards, regulations and goals you strive to comply with, the processes should also be connected to their relevant compliance statements and Key Performance indicating metrics.

The best and easiest way we’ve found to ensure people know how to consistently succeed with a process (and comply with the relevant quality standards) is to create a visual and hierarchical company manual, showing the work activities both as part of the big picture and in a more detailed view. We also include links to relevant guiding documents and videos. This way, your people will always know where they are in a process, what to do next and how to do it properly. With Visual QMS, you can easily start drawing and distributing elegant, Easy-to-Follow process maps to provide employees with a continuously updated, Online Manual for their work.

In order to ensure adoption we can display the diagrams in the contexts where they are most useful, and set up to system to routinely ask Users to verify that they have reviewed their relevant processes.

Screenshot of the Audit Module, where you can easily keep track of your Internal Audit activities.

Manage Supporting Quality Processes

There are several processes that support a Quality Management System – such as Internal and External Audits, Management Reviews, Risk Management, Continuous improvement, etc. – to ensure it can keep fulfilling its purpose.

Visual QMS provides workflows and collaboration for Quality Processes such as Audits & Change Management: with logs, workflows, advanced access control and more. Delegate and ensure completion of important tasks: with scheduling, notifications and reminders. Easily get an overview of actionable data from each supporting activity; for use in CAPA, Improvements, Management Reviews and more. Visual QMS comes with support for the fundamental Quality Assurance processes. More can be added through our Extension Modules.

Learn more about our Modules

Examples of Compliance references, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GDPR, Anti-Bribery or Bribery Act and other regulations.

Bring life to your Compliance Requirements

Visual QMS doesn’t just keep track of your regulatory statements (such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GDPR, Bribery Acts etc.) – Visual QMS makes your compliance requirements come alive in the visual quality manual. Easily ensure that your key requirements are properly supported by your processes and other QMS content. Monitor compliance with actionable data and insights that make the Quality Manager’s job easier – and that keep upper management updated and engaged!

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Standard Features

With Visual QMS you get a pre-configured solution with the following features:

Template Manager on Creation

Standardize your Content Creation by using the built-in Template Manager. The solution ensures your Templates are also controlled, so that you always use the proper Templates to start your documents.

Fast search

Immediately find the content you are working on, its related data and your active or upcoming tasks; either through dynamic Views or free search on both content and metadata. Quickly find anything you need!

Version Control & Version History

End-Users only see the correct version of their documents and other content. You have complete control of the document versions, including a full overview of past versions and a log of all changes and document events.

Role-based Access Control

Different roles (Admin, Approver, Editor, HR Staff etc.) may have different access to content and functions – both for security reasons and to promote the right content to the right people!

Standard pre-configured Review & Approval workflows

Pre-configured document workflows that are ready-to-use, to ensure your Controlled Document Procedure is standardized and professional.

Configurable Workflows & Automation

You can also configure your own Workflows, if the pre-configured ones are unable to meet all of your needs. Easily add new steps and automation to the workflows, or create a new workflow from scratch.

Review Process

Review content drafts before they are sent for approval. Schedule spontaneous or recurring reviews of content. With reminders, notifications and overview of current tasks.

Approval Process

Manage Approval of content with workflows and electronic signatures. With reminders, notifications and overview of current tasks.

Publication to PDF

You can set up how to save Master versions of your documents. The Default setting is to publish them as PDF files. Store them within Visual QMS or wherever your End-Users need them (Sharepoint, etc.)


When it is time to retire a piece of QMS content, there is a process and workflow for that too. Archived content is kept out of the way of ordinary use, but remains easy to find and searchable in the archive.

Tight integration with MS Office & other apps

The Content Management features can be integrated immediately into MS Office (Word, Outlook, etc.) and most other Windows apps. These integrations allow you to retrieve and check in/out your content to work from most apps; and also to save files immediately into your secure storage from your apps.

Add functionality for Supporting Quality Processes

Add more modules to handle more processes such as Audit Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management and many more. We have several pre-configured modules – including Business Processes that fall between system support of conventional QMS and Business Systems.

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A useful QMS, no matter how you look at it

Visual QMS allows you to view your Quality Management System in a context that makes sense to you, no matter which lens you prefer.

We have come across 4 distinct perspectives from which Quality Professionals prefer to build, navigate and understand their Compliance and Quality Management Systems: 1) from lens of the listed Compliance Requirements (ISO, GDPR etc.), linking the statements to relevant supporting content to ensure compliance; 2) from the Business Process perspective, promoting the process documentation as the main source of knowledge for the company; 3) focusing on diligent management of the Supporting Quality Processes (such as Training, Audits, CAPA etc.); and finally 4), through careful promotion of Documents, Videos and other Guiding Content – easily found and delivered to the right people, at the right time.

All of these perspectives have their advantages and limitations. But when used together, they each create synergistic effects that greatly increase the value of the QMS. Which is why Visual QMS facilitates all of them through its 4 Core modules.You can view your content based on the ISO 9001 requirements, to see which ISO statements have support in your processes and documents. Or, use the processes as the guiding context: to find all the documents and ISO content in relation to process activities. You can also just perform a content search, on all or specific content types (such as guiding documents, process diagrams or audit data, etc.), and find them together with their relevant relationships and supporting data in the search results.

Built to harness Synergistic effects

The contents of the different modules are connected to provide synergistic value to the company, and are shown to the right people in the right context through a user-friendly interface. As a complement to our 4 basic modules, with features that cover the core QMS processes, you can extend your solution with more pre-configured modules to support more processes – based on your specific needs.

All Visual QMS modules can relatively quickly be filled with your organization’s content and processes, using our Immediate Implementation Methodology. Our Extension Modules allow you to add features and process support as needed. Learn more about our Modules

Access our Live Demo of Visual QMS and its basic Modules, or contact us to discuss setting up a trial based on your specific needs.

Diagram of an example system with our supporting modules.
Diagram of a Visual QMS configuration, with a suite of our supporting modules in synergistic relationships.

Also available as a Made-to-Measure Solution – with your choice of pre-configured modules!

All our modules work in synergy, creating relationships to increase the value of each component exponentially. The more modules, the greater the synergy. But you can scale the solution freely depending on your needs.

In the case of solution overlap, we may be able to make a smaller integration of a module, for example to just show some data from other systems.

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Supporting Quality Processes, such as Audit Management, Change Management and other quality processes

Examples of Supporting Quality Processes

Quality Management requires some supporting processes such as Change Management, Internal and External Audits, Training and Knowledge Management, Managing Non-conformities etc. These can be handled in Visual QMS based on your needs, using our Pre-configured Modules.

Pre-Configured, Supporting Process Modules:

All modules, workflows and other components can be further developed to more closely meet your needs and for special purposes.

Additional Modules

It is also possible to extend out QMS platform beyond generic quality management processes, and go deeper into your specific company processes – to ensure compliance and maximum ownership of your value chain to achieve Total Quality: in relation to customers, suppliers, your equipment and other assets. These are processes that require management according to ISO 9001:2015 and other standards, but are often not typically covered by Standard or even most Bespoke Solutions for QMS. Examples of our additional process modules include:

Manage suppliers

Module with functions to ensure your organization retains as much ownership of delivery as possible.

Manage Equipment

Use the system to monitor and manage equipment crucial for your business processes.

Inspections & Verifications

Manage data, tasks and scheduling related to inspections that are crucial to your processes.

Manage Job records

Every execution of a process (product realization, delivery, etc.) can be logged in the system together with useful data. Link this module with Knowledge Management, Customer Feedback, Risk Management etc. for synergistic effects.

Manage Deviations

Manage and log slight variations of processes made by design (to suit specific situations, for example different regions, customers etc.)

Manage Resources

Human Resources and other assets logged in system. Processes that have areas that lack system support can have workflows to cover those areas.

What’s under the hood?

We use two Standard Solutions that are the very best at what they do, to form the platform for our Quality Management System.


Elements is our standard solution for managing and delivering the process documentation in an easy but powerful Cloud service. Elements leans on decades of experience delivering solutions for Compliance and Quality Management to over 1.000 companies, including over 10% of the Fortune 500. It is the next step in compliance solutions: a Cloud-based service with web access to content and easy tools for mapping business processes and capturing your business requirements. Read more at Elements.Cloud


M-Files Logo

M-Files is our standard solution for Content Management Services: with the best search tools, access control, version control, workflows and process automation on the market. M-Files is a recognized leader and innovator in Information and Content Management. It is the most advanced solution for AI assisted classification, making it faster and easier to save information while guarding against human error.

Nucleus ECM value matrix, led by our platform
Nucleus Research Value Matrix for ECM
Gartner Magic Quadrant for ECM, with our platform as leading innovation
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services
Forrester wave ECM report, with our platform in a leading position
Forrester Wave Report for ECM Services

M-Files leverages intelligent metadata, easily designed but powerful workflows and artificial intelligence to give IT, software admins and End-Users a unique experience. AI assisted classification of data combined with M-Files’ repository neutral way of indexing data, means a big sub-project to migrate existing content might not even be needed to start using and benefiting from M-Files. M-Files just works, and it brings your document management to the cutting edge of software innovation. Read more at

Combine Easy but Advanced Content Management and Business Process Management to build your Complete Quality Manual

The combination creates a unique, fully modular Quality Management System with the End-Users’ daily success in focus. Available Ready-to-Use and “made-to-measure” with our pre-configured modules.

Enterprise Content Management

Visual QMS is a built on a platform that is recognized as a leader in Content Management services. While Visual QMS is developed to use this standard solution for professional Quality Management processes, it is possible for your organization to manage all content in M-Files, with the same easy storage, search and collaboration functions described. Read more about Document Management at Solution Management’s website

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