Smart Modules for Visual QMS

Pre-Configured Supporting Process Modules

Quality Management requires some supporting processes such as Change Management, Internal and External Audits, Training and Knowledge Management, Managing Non-conformities etc. These can be handled in Visual QMS based on your needs, using our Pre-configured Modules.

All modules, workflows and other components can be further developed to more closely meet your needs and for special purposes.

Change Requests
If required, the Change Request module is an available extension for Visual QMS that will record the process of identifying a need for change, send the Change Request for budgeting and approval before it is acted on, and follow up that the change is done before the Change Request is finalized.
Audit Management & Logging
Visual QMS comes with the Audit Management module, which provides an overview and workflows for scheduling, managing and overviewing Audit campaigns. This module can be extended with more functionalities, if needed.
Knowledge Management & Best Practices
An extension module for Visual QMS that makes it possible to send the document or process for evaluation with a number of people and get their feedback. Based on that, content can be sent to the Knowledge Manager for approval, so that the content can be promoted to the list of approved and recommended content.
Training Management & Logging
Our Training Management module is an extension for Visual QMS which makes it possible to schedule training campaigns and events, to ensure your people are trained in their relevant content from the QMS, such as processes and controlled documents (policies, instructions and guidelines). With full logging of training events.
Capture, Manage & Analyze Risks
With the basic features, you typically map your processes, their inputs and desired outputs. But what about all the undesired outputs? The Risks? Our Risk Management module extends Visual QMS to let you capture and keep track of all your unwanted process outputs and help you take action to manage them.
Manage Non-Conformities (CAPA)
When an undesired output occurs, our CAPA module helps you log it, investigate it and deal with the entire process of handling the non-conformity. This extension module allows you to capture Issues from various sources and fully manage Corrective and Preventive Actions.
Capture Business Requirements
Our basic Visual QMS allows you to capture internal and external Business Requirements in the Cloud. Our Business Requirements module extends this function with a deeper integration, and synergi with the other active modules.
Manage User Engagement & Adoption
Our Engagement Module includes workflows and reporting functions, to help you ensure that the users are making good use of the QMS and to easily find departments and QMS areas of low activity. It also includes to tools to take action to improve low activity. Features include scheduled and spontaneous User Reviews of content, Content Usage overview and reporting - as well as a course in the best practices of ensuring user adoption.
Manage Customer Complaints & Feedback
Integrate with your business systems for Customer Feedback, or log complaints and other feedback manually in our system, using our Feedback module. This allows you to connect your feedback with the relevant processes, for use in reviews and improvement of the QMS. Works in synergy with our modules for training Management, C CAPA, Risks, Perfomance and Management Reviews.
Monitor Process Performance (KPI)
Connect Visual QMS to performance indicating data from your business systems to visualize the live performance of your processes, for Process Owners, Management and others that may need access to this information. This will give you a quick status report of your company performance, as well as deliver deep knowledge about the performance of specific processes and activities, in a visual way to your screen. We also include workflows for taking action on low performance, or logging the state of high-performing processes for analysis. Useful for performance management, reviews and as a visual aid for meetings or presentations.
Conduct Management Reviews
Using actionable data from your active modules, you can use our QMS Review module for managing reporting and reviews of your quality management system and its contents. Complete with overview, workflows, scheduling to calendar and reminders. This is the perfect module to engage management and to drive improvement of the QMS. Includes workflows that can use the reviews to start improvement campaigns.
Manage GDPR
EU:GDPR turned every company in the EU, and every company dealing with the EU, into a Compliance company. Luckily, our basic and affordable offer empowers your processes with several functions to handle GDPR - including ways to keep track of which processes receive or generate sensitive data. Our GDPR module also adds workflows and other functions, that help you manage and automate processes such as: centralized personal data storage, scheduled data clean-up (partially or fully automated), full log and overview of sensitive data.

Additional Modules

It is also possible to extend out QMS platform beyond generic quality management processes, and go deeper into your specific company processes – to ensure compliance and maximum ownership of your value chain to achieve Total Quality: in relation to customers, suppliers, your equipment and other assets. These are processes that require management according to ISO 9001:2015 and other standards, but are often not typically covered by Standard or even most Bespoke Solutions for QMS. Examples of our additional process modules include:

Manage Suppliers
Module with functions to ensure your organization retains as much ownership of delivery as possible.
Manage Equipment
Use the system to monitor and manage equipment crucial for your business processes.
Inspections & Verifications
Manage data, tasks and scheduling related to inspections that are crucial to your processes.
Manage Job Records
Every execution of a process (product realization, delivery, etc.) can be logged in the system together with useful data. Link this module with Knowledge Management, Customer Feedback, Risk Management etc. for synergistic effects.
Manage Deviations
Manage and log slight variations of processes made by design (to suit specific situations, for example different regions, customers etc.)
Manage Resources
Human Resources and other assets logged in system. Processes that have areas that lack system support can have workflows to cover those areas.

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