The Comments module is a UI element that enables users to post comments, reply to comments, and edit their previous comments. The module allows users to sort the comments in ascending or descending order based on their preference. Users can also set a limit on the number of comments to display and can define the maximum height of the comments feed. Additionally, the module has a feature that lets users add new comments if allowed by the configuration.

Comments are added to Portals as segments, within components.

A comment segment has the following configurable fields:

  • Ascending: A Boolean indicating whether comments should be sorted in ascending order.

  • CanAddComment: A Boolean indicating whether users are allowed to add new comments to the feed.

  • Limit: An integer indicating the maximum number of comments to display in the feed.

  • MaxHeight: A string specifying the maximum height of the comments feed, in pixels or other valid CSS units.

The comments module requires some objects to be fully-featured, but in its basic form, it will simply create Version/Object-comments.

Each comment is displayed alongside the author and potentially a picture of their avatar, but this needs to be set up first, see the Employee module.

Comments also support mentions, these show up when you start a word with the @-character.


A comments feed#