CtrlPortals - - Release Notes#

UI/UX Improvements:

  • Workflow Steps - Introduced a workflow “Step” component for graphical visualization of object workflow status.

  • Dashboard - Added an option to dashboards, allowing them to open if one of the selected views in the configuration are opened by a user.

  • Dashboard - Added an option to dashboards, allowing them to replace the “Home” screen of M-Files.

  • Dashboard - Implemented the ability to control dashboard visibility.

  • List View - Show View folders inside List Views as well as allow users to click and navigate to them.

  • List View - Add a property to a List View for which to group the rows by, showing rows divided into distinct groups.

  • List View - Allow users to select multiple rows in a List View, allowing for bulk metadata operations in the M-Files metadata card.

Performance and Optimization:

  • Comments - Added an in-memory cache to comments mentions to improve performance.


  • Header Segment - Improved Header Segment styling when using object type or class images instead of icons.

  • List View - Introduced a spinner for loading filters in list views to better indicate that they are loading.

  • UI Controls - Added an option to save with a comment even when saving metadata without workflow state changes.

  • UI Controls - Optimized header and footer toolbar transitions to be smoother and more reliable.

  • UI Controls - Show top toolbar by default and allow user to minimize via the drawer button.

  • Calendar - Use the locale of the user to correctly format and display dates inside events as well as event tooltips.

  • Calendar - Calendars now offer the option to limit display to business days/hours for enhanced scheduling control.

Bug Fixes:

  • List View - Addressed an issue where the header of list views wasn’t sizing correctly.

  • List View - Addressed an issue where sorting icons would “drop out of the page”.

  • List View - Addressed an issue with list view page length settings.

  • Comments - Addressed a bug causing errors with mentions in comments.

  • UI Controls - Addressed a bug where read-only users encountered a “license not allowed” error when attempting to save workflow state.

  • Form - Fixed bug where hidden lookup values did not show as “(hidden)”.