CtrlPortals - - Release Notes#

UI/UX Improvements:

  • Added Pop-outs, a way to manage multiple portals simultaneously as different windows.

  • Improved toolbar behavior and styling for a more user-friendly experience.

  • Enhanced footer and header, including styling changes.

  • Added message length restriction to alert Toasts for better readability.

  • Added alert Toast to prevent accidental portal close/pop-out.

  • Added default workflow and state icons for better visualization.

  • Implemented drawer indicator for hidden menus in portals/dashboards.

  • Improved styling of version label to preserve content height.

  • Centered the version label and included build date and time for debug builds.

  • Highlighted selected lookup values for better visibility.

Performance and Optimization:

  • Refactored code for better handling of object types in lookups.

  • Improved calendar event resize and drag responsiveness for smoother interaction.

  • Introduced observer for virtual selection handling to enhance portal performance.


  • Added functionality to group Dashboards into separate left pane command groups.

  • Added functionality to restrict Dashboard Groups by one or more user groups.

  • Added option to override portal tab names for better customization.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved localization issues for numbers and simple dates.

  • Fixed bugs related to event type filters and selection of newly created events.

  • Fixed bugs related to popups and improved UI interactions.

  • Fixed bugs in toolbar transitions and added footer transitions.

  • Fixed bug where user groups were not correctly determined.

  • Fixed typo and added comments indicating bugs.

  • Fixed build system errors.

  • Fixed stop-event bug in addActiveDashboard.

  • Fixed bugs in new toolbar/pop-out functionality.

  • Fixed extra spacing in comments.

  • Fixed MFWA missing error in the client.


  • Added more documentation to improve code understanding.

  • Removed popups on scroll for a cleaner interface.


  • Made multi-line URLs and emails render as clickable links for improved usability.

  • Introduced ellipsis to toasts for improved aesthetics.

  • Improved look and feel of event resizing and moving.

  • Made adjustments to tab behavior and object editing based on checkout status.