Mapping Properties from Folders#

Let’s say for example that you have a Sharepoint site or a MS Teams team with a folder structure organized into multiple subfolders:

  • Agendas

  • Memos

  • Project Plans

  • Reports

Folder structure

It is then possible to configure CtrlSync to use each of these folders to identify which class the contents of the folders should have.

In M-Files we first setup the desired classes, one for each folder.

The document classes

Then we can go to our Document configuration (see sample vault example for more details) and setup a PathMapping for the class property.

Keeping in mind that we just need the name of our folders to match the class that we want, we have multiple options for the MappingType:

  • The Any-type, if the name of a class is any part of the path, the property is matched. This is the most loose options.

  • The First-type, if the top level of the folder matches a class name, that class is applied to all subfolders’ documents. This is also a quite loose option.