Quick Start#


The CtrlShare application is an alternative to the native M-Files Co-Authoring function for Microsoft Office Online, providing the functionality to check out documents for Co-Authoring in Microsoft OneDrive for Business with additional Access Control and other functionalities.

Features include:

  • Integration with Microsoft OneDrive for Business: Share and Co-Author with anyone who has access to this service .

  • Complete control and overview of access to your Co-Authoring links from within the M-Files interface. These controls include management of Link Sharing, assignment of Read or Edit rights as well as options for revoking access.

  • User-interface additions that provide improved on-screen guidance.

  • The application supports access from the M-Files desktop client and M-Files Web

Access control with the native M-Files Co-Authoring functions has some shortcomings, which we have addressed in our application by utilizing a service account: in this context a OneDrive for Business account is established with the purpose of automatically managing M-Files documents and permissions in the OneDrive destination, based on the users’ choices in the M-Files interface. This also allows the organization to control the policy for re-sharing files, which can be restricted to others within the same organization or denied entirely.

For more information about CtrlShare along with pricing options, please visit our website.


CtrlShare requires a number of properties, a Person object, an application registration in Azure as well as an account with a OneDrive to function. Please find and check the below resources prior to proceeding with the installation and configuration.


To install CtrlShare in an M-Files vault please refer to the Vault Application Installation Guide.