Quick Start#


CtrlPortals is an application that extends M-Files UI functionality, allowing for custom UI dashboards, views, tables, graphs and other elements to be added to M-Files inside special ‘portals’.

With CtrlPortals, you can unlock powerful features, including::

  • Custom portal views for M-Files objects and classes, conditional UI elements, editing metadata through custom forms and more.

  • Seamless support for knowledge bases using Markdown document rendering.

  • Basic metrics and plotting of KPIs or similar aggregated data delivered by M-Files.

  • CtrlPortals is accessible both from the M-Files desktop client and M-Files Web.

Demo Presentation:

For more information about CtrlPortals along with pricing options, please visit our website.


It is recommended to have an Employee Object before installing CtrlPortals . The optional Comments module also requires a Comment object.


To install CtrlPortals in an M-Files vault please refer to the Vault Application Installation Guide (The procedure is the same, but you must install a distribution of CtrlPortals rather than CtrlShare).


For the initial configuration of CtrlPortals, follow the initial steps outlined in our example ‘Enhancing the M-Files Sample Vault’.