General Configuration#

In CtrlSync, the information necessary to establish and maintain connections to the Microsoft Graph API is described in the Graph Configuration.

All properties are required unless marked otherwise.

Graph Configuration#




The ID of the CtrlSync application, specific to your Microsoft Azure environment.


The Client Secret of your CtrlSync Azure Application.


The ID of your Microsoft Azure Tenant.

Authentication Url (optional)

An alternative path to a web API where your Azure application can authenticate itself.


The URL for the Microsoft Graph API installation. Usually this is just the global azure graph at


The API version to use. The only existing as of start 2024 are v1.0 and beta. This field is for future proofing and is best left unset.

Data source object ‘Active’ property

A Boolean property that can be used to indicate if a data source is currently active and syncing with MS Graph.

Data source reference property

A property that objects created by CtrlSync can use to refer to the data source that created them. Should be a lookup property that refers to some collection graph source objects.

Data source status code property

A integer property used to indicate the status of a graph source object.

Data source status (optional)

A multi-line text property used to display an error.

Graph URL

A multi-line text property used to store the URL for a graph source’s location in MS graph.


A text property used to store the unique identifier of an object in the MS Graph.

Deleted on Graph

A Boolean property used to store whether an object from the MS graph has been deleted in the MS graph.

Integrity Hash

A multi-line text property used to store hash of the contents of a file ingested from MS Graph.

Graph JSON Data (optional)

A multi-line text property used to store miscellaneous MS graph data in JSON format.

Synchronization Frequency#

The synchronization frequency controls how often CtrlSync exchanges data with MS Graph. A high synchronization frequency might lead to more ressource use for the server. But, if the synchronization frequency is too low, the amount of data synchronized at once might grow to be unmanageable. The rule of thumb is to synchronize often, preferably between 2-30 times per hour.




The synchronization type. We recommend that this is only set to ‘Interval’.


If interval is selected, you can select the frequency here, in hours, minutes and seconds

Graph Source Maintenance Frequency#

MS Graph is a hugely complicated API that serves millions of users all over the world. It is under constant pressure and it seems that this might lead to inaccurate state being transmitted at times of high contention. A frequent issue is that a Graph Data Source will query for it’s files, but will learn that it has ceased to exist. Asking MS Graph again usually resolves the issue.

For that reason, the Maintenance Background job will regularly check in with graph sources that have ended up in an error state. The frequency of that check is controlled by this configuration, in similar fashion as the Synchronization Frequency.

Logging Configuration#

We recommend that you enable the Logging Configuration, then enable the Default log. If you encounter problems, setting the log level to Debug might reveal more information about the issue.


It’s very important that CtrlSync reports no local or server errors when you are done configuring.

A correct configuration