The employee module is a small but essential part of CtrlPortals. To configure the Employee module, you need to add an Employee Configuration to your main CtrlPortals configuration.

The Employee Configuration consists of three required options:

  • ObjType - This should be set to the object type of the Employee object, you must have an Employee object in order to configure the module (see Required Objects and Modules for more details).

  • UserProperty - This should be set to the UserProperty, a regular lookup property referencing the list of users (see Required Objects and Modules for more details) This can easily be set to the built-in Users property.

  • ImageProperty - This should be set to a text property which must be a property of the Employee object. This is used to contain a base64 representation of a user’s avatar.


Once the ImageProperty is in place, you should be able to fill it out with image data. This is done by taking a small picture and converting it to base64, tools for this are commonly available on the internet. The picture is then used in Comment feeds .